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SEPIA digital can translate any concept to your screen(s) by using our software applications, regardless the scale or location. These professional all-in-one solutions are reliable, user-friendly and flexible.

SEPIA digital attaches also great importance to software and data security. That’s why all software runs at our fully mirrored SEPIA datacenters.



SEPIA digital enables interaction between you and your customers. The easiest way digital signage is made interactive is by using a combination of a touchscreen and interactivity on content level. Camera or trigger detection and gamification are also very useful to create greater customer engagement. SEPIA digital helps you to co-create the most appropriate interactive solution.

Interactive & personalisation



SEPIA digital takes advantage of working with a host of market-leading narrowcasting software partners such as Scala and Grassfish. These ensure the very latest digital technologies and technics much beyond traditional narrowcasting solutions. For example, it’s possible to assign roles and permissions to allow multiple content creators and managers. These platforms are also compatible with a wide range of hardware options and enables SEPIA to add dynamisation and interactivity of the content.

Digital Signage platforms

Scala Digital Signage software
Grassfish Digital Signage software
Telelogos Digital Signage software

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